Best Tech Tools for Bloggers in 2021

Best Tech Tools for Bloggers

If you’re thinking about creating your very own blog or growing an existing one, both decisions are good ideas for 2021. After all, the average person now spends nearly seven hours on the internet every single day – and their primary reason for doing so is to look for information. And regardless of niche, a blog is the perfect place to gather said information.

Of course, you’re going to need all the help that you can get. Fortunately, there are several tech tools that definitely can. Here are some of them:

A Grammar checker Tool

No matter how much you go over your content, it’s normal to miss a couple of grammatical errors from time to time – which is why a grammar checker is so important, especially if you have no one to edit your work for you.


For example, Grammarly can catch a few of your errors on a free plan. It even has a webpage extension for Google Chrome, so it’ll check your work the moment you paste it on a textbox.

You can also upgrade to premium to get access to features like contextual spelling and advanced punctuation. Moreover, there are also open-sourced grammar checkers like LanguageTool if you’re reluctant to pay for software. However, their features are more limited..

Try Grammarly Tool for Free.

Social media tools

You can’t just rely on people stumbling into your blog via a search engine. You have to market it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for additional exposure. And thankfully, there are a ton of tech tools that can help you in this.

For example, Buffer is software that allows you to schedule posts across multiple platforms. This can help you simultaneously publish a blog and the social media posts promoting it. Then there’s Buzzsumo, a program that lets you track your engagements across social media.

Other social media tools, such as content management software like MeetEdgar, social listening tools like Mention, and share buttons like AddThis, are also a few others you should consider.

The right laptop

No blogging kit is complete without a laptop, and for bloggers, you’re going to need one that has the right features for your needs.

For instance, if you need to go outside for some inspiration (with a mask, of course), you want a laptop that will last you the day. Luckily, a device like the Microsoft Surface Pro is applauded for its 13-hour battery life. Microsoft engineers paid close attention to its PCB Stackup impedance, optimizing its power levels. By adjusting the crosstalk susceptibility and sheet capacitance, the Surface Pro can use its features without draining the battery too fast. If you’re more of a video blogger, then you can also consider getting a graphics laptop like the Dell XPS.

A dedicated camera

Unlike social media platforms, blogs are allowed to keep the image’s original quality — a feature that you should definitely take advantage of. After all, one of digital marketer Susan Friesen’s ways to improve a blog’s engagement is visually appealing images. As such, you’d do well to look for a dedicated camera.

The right camera depends on the kind of content you produce. Travel bloggers are better off with something lightweight, for instance, like the Fujifilm X-T20. Meanwhile, food bloggers should look for a camera that can handle a wide range of color and light circumstances, like the Nikon D500, so images look nice no matter how the room is lit.

Owning and growing a blog is a big challenge, but with the right tools, it’ll be much easier to do. Just think about what you need help with, and how much you’re willing to spend on them.

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