Guides: is it the Best Feedburner Alternative?

Google announced that they will terminate Feedburner’s email subscription feature in July 2021. In this article, we share Guides to import the Feedburner email list.

Blogger users are especially affected by this change, as Feedburner powered the Blogger subscription widget (also known as the FollowByEmail widget). 

What does that mean to you? Well, if you’d like to continue using email subscriptions you should download email subscriber data so that you can migrate your subscribers to a new email subscription service. 

But which email provider shall you pick? That’s where comes in.

What is allows your visitors to follow you and them when you publish a new story so that they come back to your site. It is used by over 100,000 websites, has excellent reviews, and can be used for free on their “Basic” plan which allows unlimited followers. Feedburner Alternative

Similar as with Feedburner the process is fully automatic, so you don’t have any hassle: just keep focusing on producing great content, and will make sure people come back. 

While the newsletter feature is the most heavily used aspect of, the tool can do much more. Followers have many more options than just subscribing to a newsletter. 

For example, they can filter feeds to their needs (i.e. define which news to get – that’s especially important if you publish a lot of posts) and also define the output (delivery) channel, i.e. pick from a “Newspaper”-option (all posts from the last 24 hours in one email, to avoid information overload), “Single emails” (one email for every new post), RSS, and Newspage, Telegram and many others to follow soon.

How can I start using

The first step is that you set up your feed on by entering your website URL. Go through the steps as shown on the screen to get the code for the subscription form. 

To place the code on your (Blogspot) site, go to your Blogger-admin area and click on “Layout”. On the next screen, click on “HTML/Javascript”, and then on “Add a gadget”.

Blogspot HTML Javascript

This will create a new gadget, which looks like this, where you can paste the codes:

After you paste the codes, click on “Save”. Done! Now you should have a beautiful subscription form on your site so that people can easily subscribe.

After you did that you should claim your feed so that you see it in your dashboard.

How can I migrate my subscribers from Feedburner to

First, download your subscribers’ emails from Feedburner. Go to your Feedburner’s feed dashboard and select the “Subscribers” section in the “Analyze” tab.

Scroll down to the “Email Subscription Services” and click “Manage your Email Subscriber List”.

Feedburner Email Subscription Services

Then go to “Subscriber Management” and export your email subscribers into a CSV document.

Feedburner Subscriber Management

Now go to again to your “Followers”-page for the feed you want to import users for (i.e. login, go to “Publishing” => “All feeds” on the left menu, click on the icon for followers) and click on “Import followers”. Import followers

There you can paste the list of emails you want to import, and click on “Import them!” to start the importing process.

Users you import are immediately active, i.e. will receive updates from your feed without receiving a separate email where they are asked to confirm it.

If you get stuck at any point, just ask the team in their chat-box (or via their contact form), they are always happy to help!

Final words is a great Feedburner alternative due to its many features, a very generous free plan, great support, as well as their methodology to maximize the number of people coming back to your website.

So: if you want to keep alerting your subscribers about new blog posts, or want more traffic, then give a try!

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