Grammarly Discount for Students: 61% Off 2020

Grammarly Discount for Students

Grammarly is a tool that’s designed to help you edit and improve your writing without the added homework you may have had in high school. Here we share Grammarly Discount for Students 2020 to get up to 61% off instantly on the premium version.

Grammarly is a freemium productivity tool to make their online writing clear and effective. This tool automatically checks every aspect of your writing, including grammar, spelling, and other common issues.

Grammarly Student Discount: Claim 61% Discount (Coupon automatically Applied)

With Grammarly premium, you can check Sophisticated grammar, Contextual spelling, Advanced punctuation, Vocabulary enhancements, and synonyms within texts, documents, messages, and social media posts.

About Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant that goes deeper than grammar to offer you comprehensive writing feedback. Grammarly is useful for both native & non-native English speakers (Like me) and those who don’t write in the English language that often. 

Grammarly Editor

It’s a full-featured grammar and spell checker application that integrates with almost anything you write online. It can make writing easier by underlining any error(s) in real-time.

You get grammar mistakes, suggestions, and corrections in real-time, as you write. Grammarly provides you insights and suggestions, it can be easy to improve the clarity and conciseness of messages, documents, and posts.

Their free version app is worth using.  But the premium version that packs all the wonderful premium features like advanced-checked for errors in punctuation, plagiarism checker, and sentence structure, etc.

Breakdown Grammarly pricing & Features

Grammarly analyzes a piece of text you’ve written on any online text editor and checks for any grammatical errors. The free Grammarly version covers all the basics like grammar checker, punctuation checker, and spelling checker. While the premium version takes it a step further, offering stylistic and best-writing-practice suggestions.

Grammarly pricing

If you’re wondering what you get with Grammarly Premium, it provides detailed information about each of your grammar mistakes in the pop-up box with additional writing insights and an ability to set writing goals. It also finds and fixes advanced grammatical mistakes than the free version.

Grammarly Premium also comes with an advanced grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, Vocabulary Enhancement suggestions, and Readability Score checker, etc.

Here are the Grammarly pricing options as of this year:

  • Free Grammarly version with limited features.
  • Grammarly Premium monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month.
  • Grammarly Premium quarterly subscription costs 19.98 per month, billed as one payment of $59.95.
  • Annual Grammarly Premium subscription costs $11.66 per month, billed as one payment of $139.95.

I recommend you to go with Annual premium plan, to save more money on Grammarly.

Claim Grammarly Student Discount. (Get 61% Discount instantly)

Grammarly Features:

With the free Grammarly version, you get very limited basic features. To unlock full features, you have to buy a premium version of Grammarly.

Grammarly Premium offers over 400 types of Grammar checks and advanced features. It checks for advanced grammatical errors, Tone detector, Mobile synonyms, Clarity and readability detector, provides instant vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, custom Grammarly Editor, and provides citation suggestions.

Grammarly free vs Grammarly premium

Grammarly free and premium helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. You’ll get suggestions from Grammarly as you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing.

The free version contains most of the features of Grammarly Premium apart from an advanced grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, and some vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Grammarly free vs premium comparison

With the premium version of the app, you can also install the Grammarly plugin for Microsoft Office so you can use it in MS Word and Outlook. To use Grammarly addon, go to your Grammarly dashboard and click on the “Download Add-in” option.

In other words, the free version of Grammarly is ideal for writers and bloggers with a low amount of budget for writing tools. I personally using the Grammarly premium version. Let’s check how you can get a student discount on Grammarly.

How to claim Grammarly Student Discount?

Our exclusive Grammarly Coupon code gets you a discount of up to 61% on all premium plans. All you have to do is follow the instructions below to properly redeem the Grammarly coupon code. That way, you’ll get the maximum discount on Grammarly.

To automatically apply our exclusive Grammarly discount, be sure to click the link from this page to open the Grammarly website.

First Step: Open (61% Discount applied automatically).

Grammarly Homepage

Second Step: Login to your Grammarly account. If you don’t have any account then create your account (It takes only 2 minutes).

Grammarly Sign in

Third Step: After login to your account, on Grammarly Dashboard click on the “Premium” options to continue.

Grammarly Dashboard

Fourth Step: on next page, Click on “Subscription” options and then “Go Premium” option.

Grammarly Subscription page

Fifth step: Now, you have to select your Grammarly premium plan. I recommend you to go with the Annual plan to save 61% discount instantly. Then click on the “select” button to continue.

Grammarly plans

Last Step: That’s all. Go ahead and complete your purchase. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal.

Grammarly checkout page

We hope you found our Grammarly Discount coupon code to be helpful. We work hard to negotiate exclusive Grammarly Student discounts for our users.

If you face any problem to getting discount then, let me know asap.

Conclusion: Is a Grammarly premium worth it?

YES, Grammarly premium worth every single penny.

Grammarly Premium can help you elevate the quality of your writing through word choice, tone, and style-specific writing suggestions.

It makes writing easier by providing mostly accurate and useful grammatical & spelling corrections that we might have overlooked. They are remarkably good at offering quick, helpful, and knowledgeable support to their customers.

I hope you like our Grammarly Student Discount guides. Let me know if you have any questions about Grammarly tools in the comment section.

Are you using Grammarly? What are your experiences with Grammarly premium? Let me know in the comments below! Find this discount details useful? Share it with your friends!

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Grammarly premium worth every single penny. It makes writing easier by providing mostly accurate and useful grammatical & spelling corrections that we might have overlooked.