8 Mistakes to Avoid When You Make a Promotional Video in 2021

Promotional Video Mistakes

Do you create promotional marketing videos? If so, then do you ever wonder about the mistakes you made after watching your content? It is quite common to make a few mistakes when compiling and editing promotional videos. But, if you keep a close eye on your content, you can easily pinpoint the mistakes and try to avoid them the next time. 

As they say, the first impression is the last impression. This is especially true with videos. They create a lasting impact on your viewers. A poorly produced video can negatively impact your brand. 

Promotional videos are considered the driving force of any business. Therefore, making mistakes is not an option. But, if you still feel that your video is not up to the mark even after several attempts, you need to work on improving your skills

To err is human, but when marketing a product, you cannot get it wrong as it can severely impact the quality of your content. To help you out, we have narrowed down the 8 most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. 

1: Missing strategy

Before creating any promotional video using a promotional video maker, you must be aware of your video’s purpose. One of the most common mistakes while creating a video is not having a strategy or plan. It doesn’t matter how engaging your content is. If it lacks vision, it will go unnoticed. 

To overcome this problem, you need to define your objectives in the following terms.

  • Why are you making this video?
  • Will your audience respond to it positively?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the purpose of the video?

If you have answers to all these questions, it will help to streamline the video-making process while making it clear for you to understand what methods and promotional elements to use to drive traffic towards your content. 

2: Sales driven

Many promotional videos start by pitching a product or they focus primarily on sales. This is a recipe for disaster. The minute people see that you are aggressively pushing a product, they will navigate away from your video. 

Rather than directly starting off with sales, you must focus on creating entertaining and engaging content. It is recommended to serve your audience with the right information about your brand and services. Tell them about yourself through a story. 

You should also consider addressing important issues and how to resolve them. This will help you build a concrete connection with the viewers. So, go ahead and add value to your video content. You can also use promo video templates to add an edge to your video content. 

3: Product benefits

Making only entertaining and high-quality promotional videos is not enough. This is another common mistake that most people make because they only think about generating attractive content. But, if you miss showcasing the advantages or benefits of the product or services your company offers, the video content is useless. 

Customers can easily look up brands that can offer them solutions and address their concerns. So, think about what viewers can ask or expect at the end of the video. When you add such elements and details to your content, it will automatically build a connection and add a personal touch to your videos. 

4: Bland video content

You cannot afford to make plain and boring videos for your viewers. Therefore, you must think about including engaging scripts and attractive ideas to keep viewers entertained and informed. Many videos feature data and statistics, which can be very boring. So, ensure that you add fun and humorous elements to make your video entertaining and educational. 

Also, reading out your script aloud before finalizing anything makes sense. It gives you a better idea about what it lacks and what needs to be added to your pitch to keep the audience interested and entertained.

InVideo is a great tool to help you make high-quality promotional videos. The best part is that it is user-friendly, and comes with a host of free templates, so you can play around with them before deciding which ones you want to use. You can use this promo video maker to create stunning videos in no time.

5: Too much information

It always works to keep your viewers informed about your brand and services, but if you bombard them with too much data, it can take a toll on their minds. Too much information can be overwhelming and create confusion which can eventually cause distraction and loss of interest. 

Therefore, it is necessary to make concise videos with the optimum amount of information. The whole point of your video should be to simplify things for your viewers so that they understand your product and brand. To make ideal video content, consider these points.

  • Visual representation
  • Consistent animation
  • Simple language
  • Summarize benefits
  • Add CTA or call-to-action

6: Video length

A lengthy promotional video is a big no since the attention span of viewers today is just about a few seconds. Therefore, there is no point in wasting your time creating full-length videos when you can sum up everything in less than a minute. 

The optimal video length is estimated to be around 2 minutes only. So try to convey your message within this timeframe. Besides, it is also essential to know that you must use the first few seconds well. Make sure you grab your viewer’s attention right from the start to keep them engaged.

7: Social platforms

To make your video travel far and wide, you need to explore different options. Most people tend to post their content on YouTube only while keeping other social media platforms at bay.

It might be a good idea if your videos are doing incredibly well on this platform. However, this is not an effective strategy. Therefore, it is best to explore other platforms and get to know how your videos are received there.

To be effective and generate publicity, you need to publish your videos on all the major platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to broaden your reach. Additionally, you could consider emailing options to elevate the click-through rates to up to 200-300 percent. 

8: Bad titles and SEO

Last but not least, poor and unattractive video titles or headlines can ruin everything. Therefore, you must have interesting titles with effective taglines to maximize your SEO reach and increase your ratings. Making a great video takes a lot of effort and time, so don’t ruin it with a poorly thought-through title.


It’s natural to make mistakes when creating promotional videos. But remember that they can cause significant damage to your brand image and hamper your goals. If you have been struggling with creating good video content, pay close attention to the above-mentioned common mistakes.

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