20 Under 30 – Twenty Under Thirty Crossword Puzzle 2022

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What is the 20 Under 30 Puzzle?

A unique and exclusive collection of 20 crossword puzzles written by constructors under 30 years of age, edited by Ben Tausig. The “Twenty Under Thirty” contest was created because it had to be. The number of young constructors making extraordinary, groundbreaking crossword puzzles is higher than ever.

University puzzle societies are fertile ground for communities of cruciverbalists with fresh voices and immense talents. People under thirty – and often under twenty – are now routinely published in the best puzzle features in the world.

The time has come to recognize the best of these young voices in a unique forum:

  • Caleb Madison
  • Zoe Wheeler
  • Gareth Bain
  • Natan Last
  • Matthew Wyatt
  • Tyler Hinman
  • Finn Vigeland
  • Alex Vratsanos
  • Jonah Kagan
  • Josh Knapp
  • Anna Shechtman
  • Michael Doran
  • Peter Wentz
  • Peter Broda
  • Evan Birnholz
  • David Steinberg
  • Alex Blum
  • Ian Livengood
  • Andy Kravis
  • Tim Polin

Who decided who was in it?

The puzzles were solved and ranked by a panel of crossword experts, including:

  • Michael Sharp (Blogger)
  • Patrick Blindauer (Constructor)
  • Elizabeth Gorski (Constructor/blogger)

The very best entries were picked from a deep pool.

Can I get this puzzle first?

Sign up to get a PDF version of this collection emailed to you. It’s 48 pages, provides a mix of themed and themeless crossword puzzles across a range of difficulties, is beautifully illustrated, with bios for each constructor, and includes solutions.

Sure thing. Here are two sample crossword puzzles:

  • 1/5 Difficulty, Themed puzzle by Michael Doran | PDF | Answer
  • 5/5 Difficulty, Themeless puzzle by Peter Wentz | PDF | Answer

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